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New Photos Available For Viewing

  If you are interested in Lisa's last photo-excursion, you can view a few of her most recent photographs at: Lisa's Photos.

For those photographs you may want to purchase (in multiple print sizes) or to have royalty free use of the photographs please send all inquiries to:

Asset Protection Planning  

       Due to the current financial crisis in Florida, many small business owners, professionals, real estate investors and homeowners who are underwater, have increased interest in protecting their dwindling estates from creditors. To service these growing needs of debtors, Lisa Braden has created a separate company called "Asset Protection Services of Florida".  This company is actively engaged in educating the debtor and the debtor's advisors on asset protection strategies and in the supervising and assisting in the implementation of a comprehensive asset protection plan.     

      To learn more:    APS of Florida

  Estate Planning

    It is now possible for Florida residents to obtain estate and tax planning services over the internet from an attorney who has limited her practice to tax and estate planning for over twenty years.   Whether your estate is $100,000 or $100,000,000 legal documentation can be prepared at a reasonably reduced rate by accessing this secured internet service.  For more information: Internet Tax Services



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